DRA Properties LLC – Opportunity Fund

The principal objective of the the DRA Properties LLC Opportunity Fund is to maximize total return on capital by seeking capital appreciation and, from time to time, net income from cash flow generation from a diversified portfolio of revenue producing real estate assets, including properties and notes.

The Fund will seek to achieve this goal through the formation of Joint Ventures with lenders and/or owners of real estate assets, and the direct acquisition of good quality assets at favorable prices from sellers suffering distressed financial situations. The goal is to acquire such assets at prices that are significantly less than their replacement costs (generally defined as the total cost to buy land and construct the project) and intrinsic values. In both instances, the focus will be on identifying situations where the economic performance of the property has suffered a temporary reduction (such as higher vacancy rates, reduced rents, and higher Cap Rates) which are caused by matters unrelated to the quality of the asset.

Our investment targets are located in California, Utah, Arizona & Nevada. The Fund will also seek to invest in assets with disproportionately favorable risk-reward ratios. Based on a modeling of acquisition and financing scenarios and various assumptions required to be made, the Manager will seek to achieve an overall 20% Internal Rate of Return on the Capital Commitments paid to the Fund over the life of the Fund. There can be no assurance that such investment objectives will be achieved.

To learn more about becoming a partner in the DRA Properties LLC – Opportunity Fund, please email Ryan @ randerton@dracompanies.com.